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Disposable female urination device so you can be free to stand and pee

Disposable female urination device so you can be free to stand and pee

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✅ EVERYDAY COMPANION KEEPING YOU SAFE FROM UTI'S. Even if a toilet seat looks clean it still harbours bacteria. Be safe from UTI's and either SQUAT or use a PEEBUDDY. The specially designed disposable funnel discreetly fits in handbags and quickly folds out making a tube so that you can hygineically pee standing up. NO MORE SITTING ON DIRTY TOILETS. Being disposable and biodegradble it can be thrown after use, unlike silicon funnels. No need to handle with gloves and return to your handbag.

✅ FREEDOM TO STAND AND PEE LIKE A MAN. Going on a roadtrip, having stress about dirty toilets and cleanliness in urinal blocks on the highway. The Pee buddy funnel for women and girls is essential for a long car journey. Always pack this small gadget in your toilet sanitary bag or store a pack the cars glove compartment with other items for your travels. In the dog walking bag too when there is NO BOG in the wood and nature calls. No more "To wee or not to wee" or toilet wipes!

✅ CAMPING, OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, FESTIVALS. Traveling on a Bear Grylls outdoors adventure; backpacking, mountaineering, a trek, fishing, kayaking, rowing or riding or just a caravan trip. On a hike, carry a portable PeeBuddy lady pee funnel in your backpacks. Won't take space or add weight to a backpack or hiking bag. No more squatting over nettles for day walkers or in camp! Running a marathon, attending a festival gigs or concert then take one to the portaloos or urinals. No more Portaloo hell!

✅ ARTHRITIS, KNEE PAIN, SPINAL INJURIES, PREGNANCY. Suffering from sore joints and knee pain when squatting over toilets then Peebuddy can help, a discreet mobility aid in your hand bag. In the later stages of pregnancy not only is squatting more difficult but susceptibility to a UTI increases making standing up a better option. For adults, children and kids who worry about the toilet time at a public loo, Worries will flow away!

✅ TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK, that's our promise to you. Try something new without the risk. OW Travel Essentials - The best Travelling Accessories and gadgets. Looking for unusal gifts and presents for girl, ladies, girlfriend? Looking for an unusal novelty gift or gadget? Peebuddy is an original present and travel accessory female travellers. Available in Single Pack or Multiple Packs. Under 10 and 20 pounds. Click on the "Add to Cart" button and order NOW! If you are have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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