Avoid Checking in Your Bags

Avoid Checking in Your Bags

I always try and avoid checking in my bags whenever possible. These are the reasons why: 

1. Save Time

Checking in luggage can add extra time so you need to arrive at the airport earlier to drop off your bags, and after your flight, you have to wait at the baggage claim area. Travelling with only carry-on items allows you to skip these steps and save time. 

2. Cost Savings

Many airlines now charge extra for checked luggage. By packing light and only bringing a carry-on, you can potentially save money on baggage fees.   

3. Avoiding Lost Luggage

Have you seen how much luggage is lost each year? While rare, there is always a risk that checked luggage may be lost, delayed, or damaged during the journey. Carrying your belongings in a carry-on bag reduces the likelihood of losing your items.  

4. Flexibility

Travelling with only carry-on luggage makes getting around that much easier. You can easily get around the airport, hop on the bus or take a crowded train without the hassle of checked bags. 

5. Avoiding the Hassle

Waiting at the baggage claim area, dealing with potential delays in receiving your luggage, and the possibility of it being mishandled can be frustrating. Travelling with carry-on luggage eliminates these potential hassles. 

6. Reduced Theft Risk

There is a reduced risk of theft or damage to your belongings when they are with you in the cabin. Additionally, you have more control over the security of your items during security screenings. 

Top Tip: Always check the hand baggage allowance because it varies from airline to airline and even route to route for the same airline.

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