Beating the Passport Control Queue

Beating the Passport Control Queue

Do you hate having to queue at airport immigration? 

When disembarking from the plane, most people take the escalator. I never do this. It is so much quicker taking the stairs because it’s usually fairly empty so you can get to the beginning of the immigration queue that much faster and beat the crowds. You can then relax as you watch the queue rapidly build up behind you. You can then clear the immigration quicker, get your luggage and hopefully not have to fight for a taxi at the next stage of the adventure. 

If you can help it use the bathroom after you have cleared immigration because this will also delay your arrival to airport immigration. 

I use this travel hack all the time and don’t forget that after sitting on the flight it is pretty good for you to get moving and if you have changed time zones a bit of exercise helps wake you up before you hit that hotel bed. 

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