Carry-on Backpack beats Suitcase for Short Trips

Carry-on Backpack beats Suitcase for Short Trips

For short trips when travelling light with only hand luggage, a backpack beats a suitcase every time. You can now buy smart-looking backpacks which look professional and are ideal for business trips. The same pack works just as well for a short weekend getaway.

Here are the reasons why love a  backpack instead of a carry-on suitcase for short trips.


Backpacks offer great mobility when passing through crowded airports and public transport systems, especially in crowded or uneven environments. Getting on and off trains and negotiating stairs is painless. No putting your back out dragging the case up the stairs.

Easy Manoeuvrability

If you are heading to the outdoors or even dragging a suitcase along an uneven surface or rough terrain is hard exhausting work.


Backpacks are far more versatile as they can be used as both carry-on luggage and daypacks, so one less item is needed if you don’t take a suitcase. If your room isn’t ready on your arrival it is much easier to explore your destination immediately upon arrival with a backpack.


Carrying a backpack leaves your hands free. This is great because you can easily navigate through crowds, use your phone and carry tickets and your passport at the same time. If you have kids you never have enough hands!


A well-fitted backpack distributes weight evenly on your back, making it comfortable to carry for extended periods, rather than all the strain being placed on one arm.


Backpacks of old were difficult to organise but the latest designs open up like a suitcase making them much easier to organise. Additionally, many backpacks come with multiple pockets and compartments.

Accessing Items

Backpacks are now just as convenient as a suitcase and with all the side pockets they can make access easier than a suitcase.

Flexible Shape

Backpacks are flexible in tight spaces as they are usually made of softer material. Suitcases tend to be bulkier, especially hard-sided ones.

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