Finding the Cheapest Time to Fly

Finding the Cheapest Time to Fly

Flight prices can vary quite considerably within a few days of each other so if you have some flexibility with the day you fly you can save a lot of money.

I recently used this hack when booking a trip to the Italian Dolomites. I bagged a great hotel price and was now trying to get the best deal on airfares. This hack revealed that the airfares were almost half the price if I flew on a Monday instead of a Sunday. I booked a hotel for Sunday and flights for Monday and still saved money and will get to spend time in the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet!

So how does it work?

Go to a Flight Aggregator Website like Skyscanner and enter your dates and airport details. Then click on search. Now look for the option to look at a monthly view. This monthly view will review which days are the cheapest to fly out and once you have selected your outbound flight day you can then look for the cheapest dates to fly back.

This is where it starts to get complicated. The cheapest outbound date might not result in the cheapest return flight so you need to try a few different options and make a note of each part of the journey to see which is the cheapest.

With multi-leg trips, this can be a bit more complicated as there are often far fewer options, but not to worry. First of all, choose the leg which is the longest and usually the most expensive part of the trip and do a flight search for this leg. Take note of the cheapest dates for the expensive leg.

Now do a  flight search to include the entire trip and this will usually give you the cheapest return airfare to your destination.

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