Fly as Early in The Day as Possible

Fly as Early in The Day as Possible

Whenever I am flying in the same time zone I always like to fly as early in the day as it offers several potential advantages.

1. Less Chance of Delays

Morning flights are less likely to be delayed compared to flights later in the day. Airports and air traffic tend to get busier as the day progresses. Any problem will have a knock-on effect on future flights.

2. Better Weather Conditions

Weather patterns often change throughout the day. Flying early in the morning might allow you to avoid the turbulence, storms, or adverse weather conditions that can develop later in the day.

3. Optimal Aircraft Availability

Aircraft are typically in place at the start of the day, and morning flights are less likely to be affected by issues such as maintenance or unforeseen mechanical problems that may occur over the day.

4. Less Air Traffic

Airports are generally less crowded in the morning, resulting in quicker check-in and security processes. Additionally, air traffic is often lighter, leading to more efficient take-offs and landings.

5. Maximized Daylight Hours

If you have a day full of activities planned at your destination, an early morning flight allows you to make the most of your time upon arrival. You arrive with a full day ahead to explore, attend meetings, or engage in other planned activities.

6. Availability of Services

Airlines, airports, and transportation services may be more readily available and responsive early in the day, contributing to a smoother overall travel experience.

Top Tip: When booking an early flight make sure that you don’t need to set off ridiculously early to get there on time which results in you having to get an overpriced taxi to the airport as public transport hasn’t started yet

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