Never Use Airport Currency Exchange

Never Use Airport Currency Exchange

Exchanging money at the airport Currency Exchange Counters might be convenient, especially if you need local currency immediately upon arrival. However, it is usually one of the most costly places that you can exchange money. If there is a choice of counters make sure you compare rates and fees sometimes referred to as commissions.

If you need money and you are at the airport the cheapest place is usually an ATM. Not all ATMs charge the same rate so it’s best to read the small print on the screen before you proceed. You also need to make sure that you have signed up for a bank card that offers good rates when using it internationally because not all bank cards are made equal.

It’s always best to plan before you go away on holiday and get a small amount of foreign money before you head to the airport. You will almost certainly find more competitive exchange rates and lower fees at local banks or currency exchange offices in the city or town you are visiting. At the same time make sure you have a bank card that offers the best overseas rates.

Before buying the local currency consider how much local currency you’ll need immediately upon arrival. If it’s a small amount for transportation or other immediate expenses, using an airport exchange service may be convenient. For larger amounts, other options will be more cost-effective.

Remember it’s always a good idea to have a small amount of local money for emergencies.

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