Take a Photo of Your Boarding Pass

Take a Photo of Your Boarding Pass

If you lose your boarding pass at the airport, it’s a real nightmare trying to board the flight and a lot of unnecessary stress. I always take a photo of my boarding pass. If I use the airline app to register for my flight and obtain my boarding pass, I take a screenshot of it because some airline apps can be quite flaky and unreliable. Additionally, if you don’t have a good internet connection downloading it will be almost impossible. To avoid any stress the best thing to do is to take a snapshot of it and store the picture in your photos. 

If you’re travelling with a friend or family member another good hack is to share your boarding passes with each other, via a messaging app such as WhatsApp. That way if for some reason if one of you has a problem with your phone your travel buddy will have a copy of your boarding pass. 

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