Can't Remember Luggage Lock Combination?

Can't Remember Luggage Lock Combination?

Experiencing difficulty remembering the combination to your luggage lock can be frustrating, but solutions exist to assist you in regaining access to your suitcase lock combination. Here's a guide to get you back on track:

TSA Locks

TSA approved luggage locks are handy because they are recognised globally and allow TSA agents to inspect your luggage without damaging it. Recognising TSA-approved locks is simple. Look for the distinctive "Red Diamond" mark, also known as the Travel Sentry® Approved mark, on the lock. This mark signifies that the lock complies with TSA standards and is accepted by security agencies globally.

But what if you can't recall the combination? Try common combinations such as 000, 123, 999 or your birthdates. Unexpectedly, these simple combinations are often the ones we set without realising it.

Tips to secure your luggage lock combination:

Use memorable combinations

When setting your combination, choose numbers that are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Avoid using obvious combinations like birthdates or sequential numbers.

Store combination securely

Consider storing your combination in a secure location, such as a note saved in your phone's secure notes app, taking a picture with your smartphone or written down in a discreet place in your wallet. Just make sure it's somewhere accessible to you but not to others.

Opting for TSA key luggage padlocks

TSA luggage key padlocks are handy because you won't need to remember any numbers at all, making them perfect for busy minds!


When using a combination lock, the numbers may seem aligned, but they aren't actually in a straight line. During transit, the dials can move slightly, causing the numbers to misalign. This requires precise alignment for the combination lock to open.

Ultimately, forgetting your luggage lock combination can happen to anyone, but there are steps you can take to resolve the issue. If you're locked out, try common combinations or consider a TSA key lock to eliminate the need for number memorisation. Remember to select memorable combinations and securely store them, perhaps by taking a picture with your smartphone. Moreover, when using a combination lock, ensure precise alignment of dials for smooth operation. These tips will help you regain access to your belongings and enjoy hassle-free travels.


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