Do Luggage Straps Have to Be TSA Approved?

Do Luggage Straps Have to Be TSA Approved?

When preparing for travelling, one essential aspect of luggage security is the use of luggage straps. Suitcase straps are used to keep suitcases tightly closed and add an extra layer of security. But do suitcase belt need to be TSA-approved? Here's what you need to know:

TSA-Approved Lockable Luggage Straps

While luggage straps with locks don't have to be TSA-approved, choosing TSA-approved straps is recommended. These straps comply with Travel Sentry Association guidelines, making them compatible with airport security protocols. This allows TSA agents to check your luggage without damaging your suitcase or the strap.

Benefits of TSA-Approved Luggage Straps for Suitcases


TSA-approved straps comes with combination, providing an supplementary layer of security for your belongings.


These straps meet TSA requirements and can be easily detached by TSA agents if your bag needs to be inspected.


TSA-approved suitcase strap are usually allowed on both checked and carry-on bags.


Many personalised luggage straps come in bright colours and patterns, making it easier to identify your suitcase at baggage claim.

Avoiding Luggage Belt Issues

By securing the ends of the strap, you reduce the risk of the strap getting caught in luggage belts, which can cause damage to your luggage.

In conclusion, using TSA-approved luggage straps personalised offers several advantages that enhance your travel experience. TSA-approved straps provide you with additional security, comply with airport regulations, and make it easier for you to identify and handle your luggage during transit. When choosing suitcase straps with lock, pick one that is bright, personalised, and equipped with a combination for the best experience on your journey.