What Luggage Locks Are TSA Approved?

What Luggage Locks Are TSA Approved?

When you're off on your travels, it's important to keep your belongings safe. One way to do this is by using TSA approved luggage locks. These luggage locks are specially designed to keep your baggage secure while allowing TSA agents to inspect it if needed, without damaging the lock.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a U.S. government agency responsible for ensuring security in all modes of transportation within the United States. Their main focus is on aviation security, including screening passengers and baggage at airports to prevent threats to air travel. Recognising TSA-approved locks is easy. Look for the distinctive "Red Diamond" mark, also known as the Travel Sentry® Approved mark, on the lock. This mark indicates that the lock complies with TSA standards and is accepted by security agencies globally.

Types of TSA Approved Luggage Locks:

Combination locks

These travel locks are keyless and rely on a set of numbers that you select to unlock them. Remember to record the combination by either taking a picture with your smartphone or making a note in your diary to prevent forgetting it.

Key locks

These luggage locks require a physical key to open, making them ideal for busy individuals who prefer not to remember combinations.

Cable locks

These padlocks for suitcase have a flexible cable that can be looped around your luggage and secured.

Why Pick TSA Approved Suitcase Locks?

Opting for TSA approved locks guarantees that your luggage meets security regulations and reduces the risk of damage during inspections. These luggage locks provide peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected while you travel.

Top Choices for TSA-Approved Luggage Locks:

  • Combination locks: Convenient and secure, using a set of numbers that you choose.
  • Key locks: Traditional and reliable, requiring a physical key to unlock.
  • Cable locks: Versatile and flexible, allowing you to secure various items.

In summary, TSA approved luggage locks are essential for keeping your belongings safe during travel. By choosing the right type of lock and ensuring it's TSA approved, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your luggage is secure and compliant with security regulations.


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