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Pink luggage cross strap suitcase belts with baggage label address tag

Pink luggage cross strap suitcase belts with baggage label address tag

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【Easy To Spot Suitcase Straps】 These bright pink case straps mean luggage is easy to identify on the Conveyor Belt Carousel. At the same time they prevent suitcases from bursting open and showering your belongings everywhere.

【Strong and Sturdy】 The luggage cross straps are made from super tough polypropylene which is able to resist the stresses of travel. The easily adjustable strap snap buckle strap closure is engineered from super strong ABS.

【Adaptability】 These adjustable case belts have a strap length of 120-200cm so the should fit most standard suitcases.

【Personalised Luggage Straps】 Every luggage strap has an identifier name ID card slot sewed into the belt for ease of identification in case other travellers have the same tie down travel luggage straps. Name label ID cards can be easily replaced by cutting a piece of card or paper to size.

【Good Quality and Great Value】 These luggage straps are a travel essential and are affordable travel accessory gifts.

【Total Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back】If you have any problems or questions with these luggage straps please do not hesitate to contact us.

【Questions and Answers】If you have any questions not answered here or want to read up more on luggage straps please take a look at our Luggage Straps Q&A.

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