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Silver RFID blocking contactless bank card security protector sleeves

Silver RFID blocking contactless bank card security protector sleeves

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【TÜV Approved and Lab Tested In Germany】 Stop Identity Theft with OW-TRAVEL RFID WALLET BLOCKER SLEEVES aka CARD DEFENDERS. Protect and guard yourself from electronic data theft by thieves who skim and steal personal financial information in seconds. Avoid wasting hours cancelling card payments or being anxious over identity theft / fraud. ANXIETY FREE - Travelers can Travel safely. Stay knowing you are protected with ANTITHEFT RFID WALLET Defender Sleeves and not be another victim. No need for a faraday cage for lady hand bag.

【Secure Your Personal Information With RFID Protector Sleeves Scanner Protection】 Security that protects chip enabled swipe credit cards, visa debit, barclaycard, ATM bank cards, passports, driver's licenses, Oyster Cards, bus pass chips, ID Badge, identification and RFID enabled contactless smart cards. Protecting your pin is not enough. Lined with an electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech skimming pickpockets and unauthorised electronic scanning devices.

【Premium Quality Card Sleeves】The advanced high grade aluminium composite material is tough, super slim, sleek, lightweight and tear-resistant. The thin silver sleeve pouch shields cards. Reader proof from criminal scanners. Easily slide into your wallet without taking up space. The snug fit does not require modification making the blockers perfect for everyday use. Your PRIVACY shield is activated against pickpocket attack from hackers with skimmer device readers when using these blockers

【Peace Of Mind With OW Travel's Minimal RFID Sleeve Cover Protectors】As men can continue using their existing wallets / cardholders and women their handbags, purses and bags. No need to purchase metallic silver foil lined wallets or bulky anti scan credit card case holders. And why throw away a perfectly good wallet or purse? As well as a skimguard against digital pickpocketing technology the shielded card insert avoid accidental bankcard clash and duplicate transactions

【Total Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back】That's our promise to you. Try something new without the risk. FREE standard postage and ships directly from the UK. The Best Essential travel gifts accessory for both gents, ladies, mom and dad. Pouches are recommended by BBC "Rip off Britain". Keeping confidential data safe from unauthorized fingers. A pocket minder that never sleeps. Available in a single pack or multiple packs. Click on the "Add to Cart" button and order NOW! If you have any problems or questions with these silver RFID blocking bank credit card sleeves please do not hesitate to contact us.

【Questions and Answers】If you have any questions not answered here or want to read up more on RFID blocking sleeves please take a look at our RFID Sleeves Q&A.

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